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XML Training

Training Courses

Integrating XML, SOA and Web Services focuses on providing an understanding of the fundamental technologies used in web services. This understanding is critical to being able to diagnose, troubleshoot, tune, and perform other lifecycle activities....[more]
In this XML Training course students discover new ways to use XML in their applications, to understand the benefits of transforming XML into other XML, HTML, text, and binary formats, and to use XPath to navigate an XML tree and get values from text nodes and attributes...[more]
In this course students will understand how one of the biggest benefits of XML is how they can transform it into completely different XML, HTML, and even binary files, and to explore how the document object model provides a standard, portable way to access information contained in XML data...[more]
In this XSL-FO Training course students will learn how the Formatting Objects (FO) language works, how to auto-generate FO documents from XML with XSLT and how to use a Formatting Objects Engine to generate PDF documents from XML.....[more]
In this XSLT Training course students learn how to use XML to transform data into HTML, how to use variables and functions, and how to group and sort data...[more]


SkillForge is proud to partner with oXygenXML and use the oXygenXML Editor in our XML classes