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Introduction to Excel PowerPivot Webinar


In this free Excel PowerPivot webinar, Excel Instructor Seth Bonder explains how to add PowerPivot functionality into Excel, how to create a data model and much more. To learn more about PowerPivot, or to enroll in one of our PowerPivot classes, please visit our Excel PowerPivot Course page.

Introduction to Excel PowerPivot Webinar2019-09-13T15:13:59-04:00

Free Webinar: Introduction to Angular

2019-09-01T10:49:34-04:00   Angular is a TypeScript-based, open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations. It allows you to quickly build reactive, single-page web applications and is one of the most popular frameworks used today in application development. According to a recent StackOverflow survey, 36.9% of developers now use Angular in their work. In this free Introduction to Angular webinar, you'll learn the basics of Angular, including: What is Angular and why would you use it? Features of the Angular Framework How to Get Started with Angular How to Build a [...]

Free Webinar: Introduction to Angular2019-09-01T10:49:34-04:00

Microsoft Access Keyboard Shortcuts


SkillForge SkillSheet Microsoft Access 2010/13/16 Keyboard Shortcuts Click here to download the PDF version. Frequently Used Shortcuts   In order to… Press Select the active tab of the ribbon and activate KeyTips Alt or F10  (to move to a different tab, use KeyTips or the arrow keys) Open the Home tab Alt+H Open the Tell me box on the ribbon Alt+Q, then enter the search term Display the shortcut menu for the selected item Shift+F10 Move the focus to a different pane of the window F6 Open an existing database Ctrl+O or Ctrl+F12 Show or hide the Navigation Pane F11 Show [...]

Microsoft Access Keyboard Shortcuts2018-12-24T12:17:15-05:00

How to Colorize a Black and White Photo in Photoshop


In this tutorial, you will learn how to colorize a black and white photo in Photoshop. Want to learn more about Photoshop? Visit our Photoshop Training Classes page to enroll in one of our live, instructor-led Photoshop classes. You'll learn about Photoshop from an experienced instructor while being able to ask questions and discuss projects you are working on.

How to Colorize a Black and White Photo in Photoshop2018-07-17T13:58:55-04:00

Tableau Training Classes from SkillForge


Announcing Our New Tableau Training Classes Companies around the world are collecting more data than ever - about their customers, their sales and many other aspects of their business. With all of this data, though, the problem becomes how to analyze, make sense of it - and more importantly - make sound business decisions based on it. Business Intelligence tools have increased in popularity in the last few years to help companies do just that. One of the tools that is particularly popular currently is Tableau. Tableau offers five products currently: Tableau Desktop (both Personal and Professional Editions), Tableau Server, Tableau [...]

Tableau Training Classes from SkillForge2018-03-20T18:43:50-04:00

New Templates in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

2016-12-29T15:48:45-05:00 In this free tutorial, you'll learn about the new templates that come with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 that can make starting a web, photo or print project easier and faster. For more Photoshop training visit our Photoshop Training page.

New Templates in Adobe Photoshop CC 20172016-12-29T15:48:45-05:00

Controlling Eye Settings using Face-Aware Liquify in Photoshop CC 2017

2016-12-14T10:46:47-05:00 In this free tutorial, you'll learn about the new settings to control individual (left/right) eyes using the Face-Aware Liquify tool in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. Learn more about Photoshop in our Photoshop training courses.

Controlling Eye Settings using Face-Aware Liquify in Photoshop CC 20172016-12-14T10:46:47-05:00

InDesign Data Merge with Images

2016-09-06T21:06:47-04:00 In this Adobe InDesign tutorial you'll learn how to merge multiple image files into Adobe InDesign to create form letters, postcards or other custom InDesign documents that use custom images for each page in the document. To learn more, visit our InDesign Training Course page to see our InDesign Training classes.

InDesign Data Merge with Images2016-09-06T21:06:47-04:00

QlikView–Moving the “Unmovable” Object


QlikView is without a doubt one of my most favorite programs to teach.  The capabilities for modeling and visualizing data are just amazing.  But for all of QlikView’s shine and wonder, it’s not without its shortcomings.  I really shouldn’t say “shortcomings”, but there are a few areas that could use a bit of improvement.  Take, for instance, moving objects around the report space. Normally, an object possesses a title bar (or “caption”, as QlikView likes to call it) and you can simply click and hold the caption bar and move the object.  The problem arises when a designer hides the caption [...]

QlikView–Moving the “Unmovable” Object2016-02-06T08:29:31-05:00

Microsoft Word – 10 Features that will Improve Your Workflow


With so many features packed inside each Microsoft application, it’s easy to overlook some that can really add value to your daily workflow.  Below is a list of some of the features you may have never noticed but will quickly become part of your daily routine. Styles Styles are not only a great time-saver, but they form the basis of a variety of other Word features. Styles allow you to assign in bulk a variety of different formatting attributes, like font size, style, color, alignment, line spacing, borders, shades, indentation, etc…  The list is quite voluminous.  Once styles are applied to [...]

Microsoft Word – 10 Features that will Improve Your Workflow2016-02-02T11:27:03-05:00

Project – Change Currency Styles in Costs


If you’re used to changing the way currency values are displayed in Excel, you might want to exercise the same choices when viewing costs in Microsoft Project.  Although changing the look of costs can be done in Project, it’s not as immediately obvious as to how. […]

Project – Change Currency Styles in Costs2016-02-01T08:35:33-05:00

QlikView – Suppress Splash Screen


We spend so much time trying to make things run as quickly and efficiently as possible, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to self-promotion. QlikView loves making things go fast; starting QlikView is another story. As if we were unaware that we had elected to launch QlikView, a several second “commercial” in the form of a splash screen has to tell us that we are one of the lucky ones. As much as I enjoy using QlikView, I find the startup splash screen to be a bit of a nuisance. The good news is, there is a [...]

QlikView – Suppress Splash Screen2016-01-28T22:26:07-05:00

Excel – Hide Records with Zeroes in Pivot Table Calculations


One of the most asked questions of beginning, and sometimes seasoned, pivot table users is “How do I hide the entries in a pivot table whose totals equal zero?”  On first blush, this seems like an easy feat, but users quickly discover that it’s not as easy as predicted.  There are ways to sort the source data and then exclude the entries with zero values, but that task of sorting and filtering the source data would have to be performed each time the source data is updated.  This is not an appealing prospect. There is actually a very easy way to [...]

Excel – Hide Records with Zeroes in Pivot Table Calculations2016-01-27T22:18:34-05:00

Crystal Reports – Add True Bullets to a List in a Text Object with the CHRW Function


Suppose you want to display a list of items in a text object and you want that list to appear as a bulleted list.  If your list is hard coded (i.e. USA, Canada, Mexico), then you could simply type the character that represents a bullet, like an asterisk, and have your list in no time flat. Our example will have a bit of static text at the beginning followed by the bullet list.  The static text will read as follows: “Last Year’s Sales and Suppliers for” We will follow up the text with a carriage return to ensure the bullet list [...]

Crystal Reports – Add True Bullets to a List in a Text Object with the CHRW Function2016-01-25T15:29:27-05:00

Microsoft Project – Display Estimated Durations with a Different Color in a Gantt Chart


When working with tasks in a project, it is common practice to display a duration as an estimate.  Displaying an estimated duration prepares the viewer for possible changes in scheduling.  An estimated duration takes the form of a question mark placed after the declared duration. The issue is that some project viewers fail to notice the question mark; then when durations are updated, project viewers wonder why things have changed.  One way to ensure that people’s attention is drawn to the estimated durations is to change the color of the Gantt bars to reflect an estimated status.  There is no built-in [...]

Microsoft Project – Display Estimated Durations with a Different Color in a Gantt Chart2016-01-21T21:38:21-05:00

QlikView – Formatting Expressions in List Boxes


When adding an expression to a list box, one of the common complaints is that the numbers displayed are devoid of any number formatting.  This is especially frustrating when displaying large numbers without commas to ease readability. What most beginning report developers try is to format the values with the Number tools in the list box’s properties. […]

QlikView – Formatting Expressions in List Boxes2016-01-15T15:35:00-05:00

Excel Hidden Camera Tool – Great for Dashboards


If you are an Excel user who likes to create charts, design dashboards, or just likes to play with neat toys in Excel, this tutorial is going to be right up your alley. Excel contains (in a super-secret place) a hidden camera.  “But why would I need a hidden camera in a spreadsheet program?”  I’m glad you asked.  If you have ever created a chart on one sheet, but you need the chard displayed simultaneously on a different sheet, and you don’t want to make two of the same thing, the camera tool will solve this problem. First thing’s first; we [...]

Excel Hidden Camera Tool – Great for Dashboards2016-01-13T10:40:15-05:00

12 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Every User


Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to improve the speed at which documents are built, regardless of the application.  It seems like there is a keyboard shortcut for just about every feature Excel contains; and there may be that one guru in the office that knows them all.  But most of us fall somewhere between Guru and Labrador retriever (hopefully, closer to the former.) The good news is that it’s not an “all or nothing” proposition when it comes to keyboard shortcuts.  Knowing just a few of the most productive keyboard shortcuts will serve you far better than knowing none at [...]

12 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Every User2016-01-19T09:22:46-05:00

QlikView – Limiting Record Loads with the FIRST Prefix


While developing a report, you may be loading thousands if not millions of records during the execution of your script.  If you are making edits to your script, and require a reload of the data to test your script changes, you may find yourself spending more time waiting than actually developing. If a sample of the data is sufficient for testing purposes, you can limit the number of records returned by using the FIRST prefix. The FIRST prefix is placed directly before the LOAD statement in the script followed by the number of records you wish to load.  For example: [Main Table]: FIRST 10000 [...]

QlikView – Limiting Record Loads with the FIRST Prefix2016-01-13T08:27:41-05:00

QlikView – Export All Tables as QVD Files


Because QVD files load SO MUCH FASTER than the original data sources (i.e. Excel, Access, TXT, etc...), you may wish to save all of your tables to QVD files.  There are a couple compelling reasons to do this: You wish to develop your report in an offline state while retaining access to a relatively recent copy of the data. You wish to save all of your dimensional tables for reuse by other reports, and you want those tables to be optimized for fast reloads. To accomplish this task, perform the follow steps: 1. Add a sheet to your script and give [...]

QlikView – Export All Tables as QVD Files2016-01-11T11:38:51-05:00

How To Arrange Windows Side-by-Side in Windows 7 and Above

2016-01-02T16:12:30-05:00 In this tutorial, you'll see how to arrange windows on the desktop side-by-side using the Windows snap feature. You'll also see how to split windows across your screen when using multiple monitors.

How To Arrange Windows Side-by-Side in Windows 7 and Above2016-01-02T16:12:30-05:00

How to Subtract Dates in Microsoft Excel using DATEDIF

2015-12-29T21:03:57-05:00 In this tutorial, you'll see how to subtract two dates from one another in Microsoft Excel using the DATEDIF function. The DATEDIF function allows you to calculate the difference between two dates and return a variety of values, including days, weeks, months or years. Learn more about Excel in our Microsoft Excel Training classes.

How to Subtract Dates in Microsoft Excel using DATEDIF2015-12-29T21:03:57-05:00

How to Create a Crystal Report using Microsoft Excel Data

2016-01-03T21:32:07-05:00 In this tutorial, you'll see how to create a report in Crystal Reports using data from an excel worksheet. This video will demonstrate the different methods for connecting to Microsoft Excel data from Crystal Reports and covers using both Excel 2003 and prior as well as Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. For more Crystal Reports training see our Crystal Reports Training classes.

How to Create a Crystal Report using Microsoft Excel Data2016-01-03T21:32:07-05:00

QlikView – Dynamic Chart Titles


It’s every chart maker’s dream to have dynamically changing titles (well, that and a coffee table that looks like a giant floppy disk.  Seriously; Google that one if you haven’t seen it.  It’s pretty cool.)  Any-hoo…  To have a chart’s title change based on data you are, or are not, filtering by is a real boon to understanding the story that the chart is trying to tell.  Take the following example: The reader of the chart can look at survey data for four categories all at once as a combined assessment, or they can filter by a specific category and evaluate [...]

QlikView – Dynamic Chart Titles2015-12-20T14:38:56-05:00

Crystal Reports – Missing Template Preview


When applying a template to a report, it’s often preferred to “peek” inside the template to see what it has to offer prior to applying it to your report; to “take it for a test drive”, as it were. If you have a vast template library, and many templates are similarly named, it can be of great benefit to see a preview of what you will receive if applied.  The Template Expert provides just such a preview. For those who prefer to create their own templates, and possibly add them to the library, the preview feature may not display if certain [...]

Crystal Reports – Missing Template Preview2015-12-16T20:14:17-05:00

Crystal Reports – Importing Values and Descriptions into Parameters


If you are creating a list of choices for a parameter drop-down list, you can acquire the choices from several sources: Manually enter the choices in the list (static and least exciting of all of the options) Append a unique list of choices derived from a field in the database (static) Point to a database field for available existing choices (dynamic) Import items from a text file (static) Each of the options has their pros and cons.  If you are trying to generate a list that is unlikely to change (like a list of states in the USA) and you need [...]

Crystal Reports – Importing Values and Descriptions into Parameters2015-12-15T08:59:08-05:00

QlikView – Scheduled Update of QlikView Reports


Suppose you want your QlikView report to automatically reload its data based on a schedule.  The manual process would be for you to open the report, click the RELOAD button, and then close the file.  If you team up the QlikView report with the Windows Scheduler, you can have this reload take place without human intervention. Step 1 – Create a Batch File Open Notepad and enter the following text: — For users running the 64bit edition of QlikView — “C:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.EXE” /R “C:\MyQVData\MyQVFile.qvw” — For users running the 32bit edition of QlikView — “C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\QV.EXE” /R “C:\MyQVData\MyQVFile.qvw” (Change “C:\MyQVData\MyQVFile.qvw” [...]

QlikView – Scheduled Update of QlikView Reports2015-12-15T08:43:37-05:00

Crystal Reports Multi-Pass Processing Engine


Crystal Reports uses a three-pass reporting method to generate reports.  A pass is a process that Crystal Reports uses each time the data is read and manipulated.  Depending on the complexity of the report Crystal Reports may make 1, 2, or 3 passes over the data.  This feature allows for complex reporting and formula manipulation. […]

Crystal Reports Multi-Pass Processing Engine2015-12-13T17:54:32-05:00

QlikView  – Popular Hotkeys / Shortcuts List


Script Editor <F5> or <Ctrl> + R Runs load script <CTRL> + <Shift> + R Partial reload <Ctrl> + T Shows model diagram <Ctrl> + E Opens table editor for LOAD INLINE statements (cursor should be placed inside statement) <Ctrl> + Q + Q Inserts script that generates several dummy tables <Ctrl> + K + C Comments blocks of script <Ctrl> + K + U Uncomments blocks of script <Ctrl> + F Allows search within the script in the debugger window […]

QlikView  – Popular Hotkeys / Shortcuts List2015-12-13T09:19:32-05:00

Crystal Reports – Adding a Watermark to a Report


If you have ever looked for the watermark feature in Crystal Reports, you no doubt walked away smothered in soul-crushing despair wondering how Life could be so cruel. True, there is no official tool in Crystal Reports that adds a watermark to a report, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Adding a watermark just takes a bit of creativity and a handful of mouse click and keystrokes. The trick is to add a subsection and underlay the following sections in the report.  The steps are as follows: […]

Crystal Reports – Adding a Watermark to a Report2015-12-13T09:20:57-05:00