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Using the Section Break in Microsoft Word


When putting together a complex document in Word, a section break can help us put together documents such as a book or manual, where one sometimes has to create multiple headers and footers, or allow for single columns, then multiple, then single again. A section break is like a fence between two farms—it tells the user “there’s a border and a change here”. Inserting a section break is very easy. Click at the end of whichever piece of text is the “previous” layout, arrangement, or whatever, then go to the Page Layout tab, Page Setup group, and click Breaks. There, we [...]

Using the Section Break in Microsoft Word2019-09-30T15:53:56-04:00

Creating a Cross-Reference in Microsoft Word


The process of setting up a cross-reference in Word, frankly, can take a little time to get comfortable with. So don’t worry if you need a couple run-throughs. The recipe goes like this: First, create a bookmark (there are a couple other things you can use, but a bookmark is simplest) wherever it is you want the reference to point. (Insert tab—>Links—>Bookmark) THIS IS ACTUALLY THE KEY STEP. Give the bookmark a name that makes sense for what it’s marking—what you’re pointing to. This helps with the other part. Next, go to the part of the text you want the cross-reference [...]

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Microsoft Word – 10 Features that will Improve Your Workflow


With so many features packed inside each Microsoft application, it’s easy to overlook some that can really add value to your daily workflow.  Below is a list of some of the features you may have never noticed but will quickly become part of your daily routine. Styles Styles are not only a great time-saver, but they form the basis of a variety of other Word features. Styles allow you to assign in bulk a variety of different formatting attributes, like font size, style, color, alignment, line spacing, borders, shades, indentation, etc…  The list is quite voluminous.  Once styles are applied to [...]

Microsoft Word – 10 Features that will Improve Your Workflow2016-02-02T11:27:03-05:00

Office 2013 – Recover Unsaved Documents


Admit it; you’ve done this more than once.  You open an Office application like Word or Excel and type out your next great novel or number-crunching masterpiece.  Then, in a state of haste, you start closing windows and accidentally close the one window you intended to leave open.  One second later you realize, this was the one windows you shouldn’t have closed.  All is lost… or is it? […]

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Rename Files Fast with the Tab Key


If you scan documents from a network scanner (like the giant printer down the hall) and have the scan sent to your email, you are probably less than thrilled with the name that the scanner gives the file.  The name is usually something generic and uninformative like “Scan0001.pdf” or a combination of the date and the time like “07182015-100855.pdf”. […]

Rename Files Fast with the Tab Key2015-09-08T22:05:09-04:00

Microsoft Word – Replace Multiple Spaces with a Tab Character


Let’s set the stage: You receive a file from your co-worker where data has been arranged into multiple columns to create a table-like format. Upon careful examination, you notice that the column alignment is just a little bit off.  To discover the cause you press your Show /Hide button in Word to reveal the formatting codes. […]

Microsoft Word – Replace Multiple Spaces with a Tab Character2015-09-08T22:05:49-04:00

Selecting Objects in Word with the Selection Pane


If you have ever inserted an object (like a picture, shape, or clipart) into a Word document and then made the unfortunate move where you pushed it behind your text... ...and now it seems forever trapped behind a sea of impenetrable words.  No matter how hard you try to click, you just cant seem to select that image again. That image now appears forever disconnected; never again shall it be cropped, moved, or resized.  Don't fall into the trap of most users where you end up deleting all of that valuable text just to get to the image that hides behind. [...]

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