Time Management Training

How To Take This Class

Live Instructor-Led Online Class

Cost: $225.00

  • Open enrollment class for individuals
  • Live class with an instructor
  • Free class retakes forever!
  • Six months of instructor email support
  • Hands-on exercises and student labs
  • Classes never cancelled due to low enrollment
  • Money-back guarantee

Onsite or Offsite Group Training

Cost: Based on number of students

  • For groups as small as 3 people
  • Class Held at our location or yours
  • Hands-on exercises and student labs
  • Customization at no extra charge
  • Six months of instructor email support
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Money-back guarantee
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Course Duration

1 Day

Course Description

This Time Management Training course introduces students to the concepts of time management and it's importance in increasing personal productivity. The course covers how to set goals, use technology and tools to help manage a schedule and how to prevent interruptions and other obstacles from affecting your efforts.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Develop time management plans by identifying goals, creating daily plans, and recognizing obstacles.
  • Use technology to save time instead of wasting time; and maintain a reasonable workload by saying "no".
  • Increase productivity by controlling interruptions and meetings, and recognizing factors that adversely affect productivity.
  • Avoid information overload by identifying causes, screening information, controlling paperwork, and using a filing system to organize your office.

Course Audience

This course is designed for professionals interested in increasing their productivity through better time management.

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisites

Course Syllabus

  1. Unit 1: Time management overview
    • Topic A: Principles of time management
    • Topic B: Productivity cycles
    • Topic C: Goals and priorities
  2. Unit 2: Time management plans
    • Topic A: Time management plan
    • Topic B: Daily plan
  3. Unit 3: Technology and time management
    • Topic A: Technology saves time
    • Topic B: Say “No”
  4. Unit 4: Productivity
    • Topic A: Interruptions and meetings
    • Topic B: Factors affecting productivity
  5. Unit 5: Information overload
    • Topic A: Causes of information overload
    • Topic B: Organize your office
    • Topic C: Communication