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Crystal Reports Intermediate Training

Course Duration: 2 Days

This Course Covers Version(s): Crystal Reports 2008, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2020 (Does not cover version XI)

  • Live Class with Instructor
  • Digital Course Manual
  • Hands-on Labs
  • One Year Access to Recorded Course

In this Crystal Reports Intermediate Training Course, students will build on their existing knowledge of Crystal Reports to create more complex reports for specific business scenarios.  Students will learn how to use Running Totals in a Crystal Report, which allow a user to summarize only specific data in a report (unlike Subtotals and Grand Totals, which don’t provide as much control over which data is included in an aggregation.)  As students progress through the course, they will also see how to create more advanced formulas that use loops to iterate over data and arrays to hold values for use in other places in the report. Another key takeaway for students in this course is how to use Subreports in situations where data from multiple, potentially unrelated, tables needs to be brought together in one report. The course continues with a lesson on how to use SQL statements directly in Crystal Reports as well as how to use Table Joins, Subqueries and SQL Expression fields. Students will also see the power and flexibility of Cross-Tab reports and Cross-Tab charts in Crystal and how they can be used to summarize data quickly and efficiently. Lastly, students will see some additional features to enhance reports, like adding dynamic images and creating reports that use geographic maps to display data.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create automatic and manual running totals.
  • Work with cross-tab reports.
  • Add subreports.
  • Create drill-downs in a report.
  • Use SQL statements in report processing.
  • Create complex formulas.
  • Add charts to reports.
  • Enhance report functionality.

Students should have experience navigating in a Windows environment. Some experience with Microsoft Access or an understanding of database concepts is also helpful. Students should also have attended, or have experience with the concepts in our Crystal Reports Introduction Training Course.

This course is designed for students who have mastered the basics of Crystal Reports and now want to enhance their reports by using dynamic parameters, sub-reports, advanced formulas and cross-tab reports.

  1. Creating Running Totals
    • Create a Running Total Field
    • Modify a Running Total Field
    • Create a Manual Running Total
  2. Working with Cross-Tabs
    • Create a Cross-Tab Report
    • Format a Cross-Tab Report
    • Create Groups in Cross-Tab Reports
  3. Adding Subreports
    • Insert a Subreport
    • Edit a Subreport
    • Share Variables
  4. Creating Drill-Downs in a Report
    • Create a Drill-Down
    • Create Headings for Drill-Down Data
  5. Using SQL Statements in Report Processing
    • Create a Report Using SQL Queries
    • Summarize Report Data
    • Create Joins Using SQL
    • Create Subqueries
    • Create an SQL Expression Field
  6. Creating Complex Formulas
    • Work with Loops
    • Work with Arrays
  7. Adding Charts to Reports
    • Create Charts
    • Create a Chart with Drill-Down
    • Create a Top N Chart
    • Create a Cross-Tab Chart
    • Create Charts for Grouped Data
    • Format a Chart
    • Create a Chart Template
  8. Enhancing Report Functionality
    • Organize Data Based on a Hierarchy
    • Create a Dynamic Image
    • Create a Report Alert
    • Create a Geographic Map
  9. Appendix A: Managing Reports
  10. Appendix B: Processing Data on the Server
  11. Appendix C: Detecting and Fixing Problems

This course does not align to a specific exam or certification.

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