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HTML5 and CSS3 Training

Course Duration: 5 Days

This Course Covers Version(s): HTML5 and CSS3. PC and Mac.

  • Live Class with Instructor
  • Digital Course Manual
  • Hands-on Labs
  • One Year Access to Recorded Course

This HTML5 and CSS3 Training course is intended for students new to web development with HTML5 and CSS3. Students will be introduced to basic web page development using HTML5, how to structure content on a web page, how to apply styles to a web page using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), how to work with tables in HTML5 and how to enable navigation within a website. In addition, students will learn how to test CSS, create CSS menus, incorporate multimedia and create advanced forms.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create HTML5 compliant web pages.
  • Test and validate HTML and CSS code.
  • Create CSS for style pages.
  • Work with experimental vendor prefixes.
  • Work with fonts and CSS font effects.
  • Work with color and color tools.
  • Layout pages and content using DIVs, iFrames and Tables.
  • Add and format images and CSS sprites.
  • Create HTML5 forms.
  • Embed and manage video and audio content.

Students should have basic knowledge of using a computer and navigating the internet.

This HTML5 and CSS3 Training course is intended for students who are new to web design and have little to no experience using HTML or CSS.

1- A Brief History of HTML and the Web

  • This module introduces HTML and CSS and the tools used to create web pages. It also covers many of those annoying little issues that you need to know about before creating modern web pages

2- Core HTML Elements

  • This module covers the use of HTML editors, page creation, core HTML tags and HTML validation.

3- Cascading Style Sheets

  • Although CSS is covered throughout this course and is introduced and used with related HTML tags, this module explores the core CSS features including selectors, CSS units and the CSS Box Model.

4- Fonts and Text

  • This module explores the use of fonts and lists.

5- Colors and Backgrounds

  • In this module we will explore how colors are used and applied in HTML and CSS to HTML tags, fonts and backgrounds.

6- Anchors and Hyperlinks

  • The “H” of HTML refers the ability to link from one document to another. In this module we will work with the anchor tag and buttons to build hyperlinked documents.

7- Page Layout

  • In this module we will look at HTML’s options to control where and how content is arranged on a page. We will look at both the HTML tags and what can be done using CSS.

8- Images

  • This module explores working with image in HTML pages. We will explore file types, file sizes, compression, background images, CSS sprites and best practices.

9- HTML Forms

  • In this module we will be exploring the HTML tags to create, style and validate web forms.

10- Multimedia

  • This module explores the addition of video and audio to web pages.

This course does not align to a specific exam or certification.

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