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Convert VB to C# (or vice-versa)

.NET, C#, Visual Basic

If you’ve ever found the perfect code sample to use in a project, but found it was written in C# and you need VB.NET or vice-versa, there are several quick, free, easy tools you can use to do your translation for you (assuming you are not bi-lingual or you just don’t have the time to invest in re-writing the code.)  Here are a few of the more popular:

DeveloperFusion .NET Code Converter


This online tool from DeveloperFusion supports syntax up through v3.5 and also supports converting:

  • Converting C# to Ruby
  • Converting VB to Ruby
  • Converting C# to Python
  • Converting VB to Python

Telerik Code Converter


One advantage of the Telerik Code Converter is it’s ability to convert multiple uploaded files.

Tangible Solutions Code Converters


Although not all free, there are two evaluation versions that can be downloaded for free and will convert up to 1000 lines of code.  And advantage to Tangible Solutions converters is that they support multiple versions, including 2010 and will accurately convert LINQ code.

Do you have any converters you’ve found to add to the list?