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Angular Training Courses

Angular is an open-source web application framework based on TypeScript that was developed through a collaboration with Google and other contributors. Formerly known as AngularJS, Angular supports the building of user interfaces through the use of building blocks to create highly scalable and easy to maintain applications that can be accessed via the web, mobile or desktop.

Building on your knowledge of HTML and JavaScript, our Angular Training course will show you how to get started with Angular and create, test and deploy applications. Select a course below to get started.

Available Courses

  • Live, Instructor-Led Online Course for Individuals
  • Private Group Onsite or Live Online Course For Teams
  • Self-paced eLearning Course for Individuals

Angular Training

Angular Training

In this hands-on Angular Training course, students will obtain the foundation to get up and running with the latest version of Angular. Students will begin by learning about TypeScript - the language used in Angular. Students will then move on to create their first app, use the built-in components of Angular and then begin creating their own components. Next, the course moves onto intermediate concepts like using...

Course Length: 3 Days Available Formats: Private Group Training