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Tableau Training

In this Tableau Training course, students will begin by learning how to prepare their data for use in Tableau. They will then go on to learn how to create data visualizations and dashboards in Tableau. Students will also learn how to perform trend analysis and forecasting using clustering and distribution models in Tableau. Finally students will learn about the various ways to distribute their dashboards and visualizationsMore Details

Advanced Tableau Training

In this Advanced Tableau Training course, students will go beyond the basics of Tableau to learn about creating complex joins between data, working with cubes and using Tableau with Big Data, using functions and creating table calculations, extending Tableau's mapping capabilities and using Tableau images in PowerPoint and other presentations. Students will also learn about dashboard design best practices, how to create dashboards that perform efficiently and the basics of using R functions in Tableau dashboards.More Details

Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau Training

In this Advanced Analytics with R and Tableau Training course, students who have mastered data visualization using Tableau will move on to use Tableau to create more advanced analytics. Students will learn how to use analytics along with data science concepts to enhance their business processes by harnessing the analytical power of R and the stunning visualization capabilities of Tableau. Students will learn about a range of machine learning algorithms and see how descriptive, prescriptive, predictive, and visually appealing analytical solutions can be designed with R and Tableau. Hands-on exercises in this course will help students transition from being data-savvy Tableau users to Data Analysts using sound statistical tools to perform advanced analytics.More Details

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