85% of security breaches involve a human element

A single click can lead to a multi-million dollar breach in seconds, and the employee responsible may not even know they made a mistake. Many end users are not aware of the dangers accompanying today’s most common cybersecurity threats such as phishing, malware and unsafe internet browsing practices, much less how to detect and prevent them. CyberSAFE helps ensure that all users can identify the common risks associated with using laptops, cell phones and the web, as well as how to safely protect themselves and their organizations from security risks in the office or when working remotely. This is essential training for all employees within your company.

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Learn How To Spot Cyber Attacks and Avoid Data Breaches

CyberSAFE Training

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  • Learn how to spot and avoid common phishing, malware and other cybersecurity attacks to protect yourself and your company.
  • Receive a complimentary Digital CyberSAFE course manual for use during and after class.
  • Gain access to the CyberSAFE micro-credential to prove your new knowledge.
  • Unlimited number of attendees within your organization can attend (seats are limited, so be sure to register early!)
  • Completely free during the month of June.

Common Questions

This mini-course teaches employees how to spot, avoid and report cybersecurity threats through phishing, malware, insecure web browsing and more. Since most security lapses involve a human element, having your employees trained to spot and avoid these common attack vectors is crucial to keeping your company’s data safe.

This one-hour course is delivered in our live, online instructor-led format. Students can attend from anywhere they have an internet connection.

Yes! To introduce our new CyberSAFE training, we are offering this course for free in the month of June.

You’ll receive a digital copy of our CyberSAFE training manual for reference and access to a CyberSAFE micro-credential to document your attendance in the course.

Seating is limited in each session, but you can register as many employees as you’d like up to our class size limit. If you have a group of employees you’d like to register, please email us at info@skillforge.com and we can assist with registering them in bulk.

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If you would like to enroll a group of employees, please email info@skillforge.com and we can assist you.