Instructor-Led Online Class Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a recorded video class?

Our live, instructor-led online classes are not recorded eLearning! These are live, hands-on classes where you will watch your instructor demonstrate skills and then get the chance to practice yourself, all while your instructor remains in the classroom with you available to answer questions or give assistance.

Am I able to ask questions during class?

Yes! You can ask questions at any time. We recommend using a USB headset with microphone (if you have one) for audio, or you can also dial-in via telephone if you prefer. And, if you’d like to chat with your instructor privately, our online classroom provides a private chat function as well.

How do I connect to the class?

After registering, you will receive an email from us with a link to join your class. We use Zoom in our online classroom. Some students may be prompted to install Zoom, but it is a quick, automatic download and works in virtually every network environment with no issues. It is also possible to join the class without downloading Zoom, directly from your browser. Please contact us at 800-971-3203 if you have additional questions.

What equipment will I need?

To attend class, you will need a Windows PC or laptop (Mac OS is supported for some courses – please refer to your specific courses “Versions” sections to check.) While having a second monitor is helpful, it is not required for class. And, of course, you will want a reliable internet connection to join the class.

Do I need the software for the class I’m taking?

In order to complete the hands-on exercises and labs in each course, you will need the software installed locally on your machine. So, if you are taking an Excel Introduction class, for instance, you will need Excel installed. Most software companies provide a free trial version that can be used in class. Please contact us if you are not sure about how to obtain the software you need.

Are the classes recorded?

Many of our courses offer one year access to a recorded version of the class included in the price. Please refer to the specific course you are interested in to see if this option is included.

Will my class be cancelled if not enough students enroll?

No! All of our live, online classes are guaranteed not to be cancelled for low enrollment. Even if you are the only student enrolled, your class will still run.

What are the class times?

Our live, online classes are either offered at 10am – 5pm Eastern Time or 9am – 5pm Eastern Time. Please refer to your course for the specific time it is offered.

What is your cancellation policy?

The pricing displayed for each live, online class is for one student to attend. Attending consists of anyone watching the screen cast portion of the instructor presentation even if that person did not receive a book or is not completing hands-on exercises. Sharing of course material or broadcasting the screen cast portion of the presentation for multiple people to view (when not having paid for each individual viewing) is a violation of our service agreement as well as a copyright violation and is expressly prohibited. We understand that your needs or schedule might change prior to your class being held. Because our classes are guaranteed to run, even if you are the only student enrolled, we ask that you notify us at least 10 business days in advance if you will not be able to attend your class. Based on when you notify us of your registration cancellation/rescheduling, the following fees will apply: More than 10 business days in advance – no cancellation/rescheduling fee. 10 business days or less in advance – Cancellation/rescheduling fee equaling 30% of total course tuition.

Do I receive a certificate showing I completed the class?

Yes. Once you have completed the class, we will email your certificate to you.

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