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Microsoft Access 2010/13/16 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Frequently Used Shortcuts


In order to…Press
Select the active tab of the ribbon and activate KeyTipsAlt or F10  (to move to a different tab, use KeyTips or the arrow keys)
Open the Home tabAlt+H
Open the Tell me box on the ribbonAlt+Q, then enter the search term
Display the shortcut menu for the selected itemShift+F10
Move the focus to a different pane of the windowF6
Open an existing databaseCtrl+O or Ctrl+F12
Show or hide the Navigation PaneF11
Show or hide a property sheetF4
Switch between Edit mode (with insertion point displayed) and Navigation mode in a datasheet or design viewF2
Switch to Form view from form Design viewF5
Move to the next or previous field in a Datasheet viewThe Tab key or Shift+Tab
Go to a specific record in a Datasheet viewF5 (then, in the record number box, type the record number and press Enter)
Open the Print dialog box from Print (for datasheets, forms, and reports)Ctrl+P
Open the Page Setup dialog box (for forms and reports)S
Zoom in or out on a part of the pageZ
Open the Find tab in the Find and Replace dialog box in the Datasheet view or Form viewCtrl+F
Open the Replace tab in the Find and Replace dialog box in the Datasheet view or Form viewCtrl+H
Add a new record in Datasheet view or Form viewCtrl+Plus Sign (+)
Open the Help windowF1
Exit AccessAlt+F4


Open and Save Databases


In order to…Press
Open a new databaseCtrl+N
Open an existing databaseCtrl+O or Ctrl+F12
Open the selected folder or fileEnter
Open the folder one level above the selected folderBackspace
Delete the selected folder or fileDelete
Display a shortcut menu for a selected item such as a folder or fileShift+F10
Move forward through optionsTab
Move backward through optionsShift+Tab
Open the Look in listF4 or Alt+I
Save a database objectCtrl+S or Shift+F12
Open the Save As dialog boxF12 or Alt+F+S


Navigate in the Access Workspace


In order to…Press
Show or hide the Navigation PaneF11
Go to the Navigation PaneSearch box (if the focus is already on the Navigation Pane)Ctrl+F
Switch to the next or previous pane in the workspace

(You might need to press F6 more than once; if pressing F6 doesn’t display the task pane you want, press Alt to move the focus on the ribbon and then press Ctrl+Tab to move to the task pane)

F6 or Shift+F6
Switch to the next or previous database windowCtrl+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+F6
Restore the selected minimized window when all windows are minimizedEnter
Turn on Resize mode for the active window when it is not maximizedCtrl+F8 (press arrow keys to resize window, and then, to apply new size, press Enter)
Close the active database windowCtrl+W or Ctrl+F4
Switch between the Visual Basic Editor and the previous active windowAlt+F11
Maximize or restore a selected windowCtrl+F10


Function Keys for Fields/Grids/Text Boxes


F2Toggles between displaying the caret for editing and selecting the entire field.
Shift+F2Opens the Zoom box to make typing expressions and other text easier.
F4Opens a drop-down combo list or list box.
Shift+F4Finds the next occurrence of a match of the text typed in the Find or Replace dialog, if the dialog is closed.
F5Moves the caret to the record-number box. Type the number of the record that you want to display.
F6In Table Design view, cycles between upper and lower parts of the window. In Form Design view, cycles through the header, body (detail section), and footer.
F7Starts the spelling checker.
F8Turns on extend mode. Press F8 again to extend the selection to a word, the entire field, the whole record, and then all records.
Shift+F8Reverses the F8 selection process.
Ctrl+FOpens the Find and Replace dialog with the Find page active.
Ctrl+HOpens the Find and Replace dialog with the Replace page active.
Ctrl++ (plus sign)Adds a new record to the current table or query, if the table or query is updatable.
Shift+EnterSaves changes to the active record in the table.
EscUndoes changes in the current record or field. By pressing Esc twice, you can undo changes in the current field and record. Also cancels extend mode.