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Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office

ExcelKeyboard shortcuts may seem like a throwback to the olden days, but they can seriously ramp up your productivity once you start using them. Especially for tasks you do on a repeated basis.

Here are some of the most common Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts.

F7 – Check spelling

F11 – Insert a chart

F12 – Save As

CTRL+O – File Open

CTRL+N – File New

CTRL+P – Print

CTRL+; – Insert today’s date

CTRL+H – Find and replace

ALT+ENTER – Start a new line in the same cell

CTRL + HOME – Move to cell A1

CTRL+END – Move to the last cell/column in the worksheet

HOME – Move to the first cell in the current row

CTRL+SHIFT+~ – Apply the general number format

CTRL+SHIFT+!  – Apply the number format

CTRL+SHIFT+% – Apply percentage format

CTRL+SHIFT+# – Apply date format

CTRL+SHIFT+$ – Apply currency format