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Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Site Owner Training

Course Duration: 1 Day

This Course Covers Version(s): SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019

  • Live Class with Instructor
  • Digital Course Manual
  • Hands-on Labs
  • One Year Access to Recorded Course

In this Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Site Owner Training course, students will learn how to create, configure, and manage a SharePoint site so that their team or organization can collaborate effectively, manage the flow of digital information, automate business processes, and meet records management needs. Site owners can determine what features and options to make available in SharePoint, and how to configure those features to meet organizational and user needs. By properly implementing these features, users will be able to collaborate effectively, and organizations will save time and money through automation of business processes, fast and efficient retrieval of information, and effective records management. This course covers features in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Configure site settings.
  • Integrate external applications and data.
  • Configure custom content types, columns, and document sets.
  • Manage information governance and compliance.
  • Design and create a SharePoint site for an event.

Students should have experience with the topics covered in the Microsoft SharePoint Site Owner Training course.

This course is designed for existing Microsoft SharePoint site owners who will create and manage sites, add advanced pages and features, and manage records.

  1. Configuring Site Settings
    • Configure SharePoint Site Settings
    • Configure Navigation in SharePoint
    • Plan and Implement SharePoint Hub Sites
  2. Integrating External Data and Apps
    • Integrate Outlook with SharePoint
    • Integrate Other Microsoft Apps with SharePoint
    • Integrate Third-Party Apps and Services with SharePoint
  3. Configuring Custom Content Types, Columns, and Document Sets
    • Create a Custom Content Type
    • Add Columns to Content Types
    • Create and Configure Document Sets
  4. Managing Information Governance and Compliance
    • Configure Auditing in SharePoint
    • Activate and Configure Information Management Policies
    • Configure Retention Labels and Records Management
    • Manage Files with the Content Organizer
  5. Designing and Creating a SharePoint Event Site
    • Design a SharePoint Site for an Event
    • Create a SharePoint Site for an Event

This course does not align to a specific exam or certification.

Live Instructor-Led Virtual Class
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Virtual or In-Person Group Training

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