Power Automate Training (55268)

Course Duration: 1 Day

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  • Digital Course Manual
  • Hands-on Labs
  • One Year Access to Recorded Course

In this Power Automate Training course, students will learn how to create workflows to automate repetitive tasks. Power Automate allows IT and non-IT employees alike to create low or no-code workflows that, when triggered, perform a series of steps that would otherwise have required manual handling or intervention. Whether it is extracting data from a monthly sales volume email and uploading it to your portal, transferring data between your mainframe application and your SharePoint site or even compiling a weekly revenue dashboard in Excel and sending it as an attachment to your sales managers each week – Power Automate can help you create workflows to take care of it all. In most cases by just pointing and clicking – with no code! In this course, students will gain a firm understanding of what Power Automate is, how it integrates with other applications (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft), how and what data sources it can connect to, how security works in Power Automate and, finally, how to create and manage workflows with Power Automate.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how and when to use Power Automate
  • Describe the benefits of Power Automate
  • Describe the components of Power Automate and when to use each
  • Create and edit Power Automate workflows
  • Integrate Power Automate with multiple data sources and applications

No previous experience with Power Automate is required.

The intended audience for this course would be those who have been using Office 365 for some time and are now looking at optimizing their existing business processes and designing new ones.

  1. An Introduction to Power Automate
    • What is Microsoft Power Automate?
    • The benefits of automation
    • How to get to Power Automate
  2. Getting Started with Power Automate
    • Using Power Automate templates
    • Navigating in Power Automate
    • Editing a Power Automate Flow
    • Publish and trigger a Power Automate Flow
    • Turn off or delete a Power Automate Flow
  3. Power Automate Logic
    • Adding conditions
    • Designing switches
    • Using apply to each
    • Configuring do until logic
    • Adding a scope
  4. Integration
    • Standard and premium connectors
    • Connecting to web services
    • Using Power Automate with on-premises data
  5. The Mobile App
    • Downloading the mobile app
    • Signing in and account management
    • Building and managing Power Automate Flows
    • Creating buttons
    • Feeds and approvals
  6. Administration and Maintenance
    • Maintaining a Power Automate Flow
    • View history and analytics
    • Sharing a Power Automate Flow
    • Export and import Power Automate Flows
    • Office 365 administration for Power Automate
    • Environments
    • Data policies
    • Data integration

This course does not align to a specific exam or certification.

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