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Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

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trainingThere are tons of great, free resources on the web for learning a particular piece of software.  At SkillForge, we believe in sharing as many of these resources as possible. Why would a company in the training business want to share training that is free? Well, we know that sometimes you can find a quick answer to your problem by reading a blog post, or going through a quick tutorial. And sometimes, you really need the assistance of an instructor to answer questions or to quickly immerse you in a new product or language.

We don’t think free tutorials or resources on the web compete with our classes – to the contrary – we think they are a great complimentary resource to the training you receive in a class, so we want to share as many as we can find.  The folks at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire have some great resources on Photoshop we thought we’d share.  Although these are based on Photoshop CS3, many of these are core lessons that apply to any version.  Check them out when you have a moment, and if you need more in-depth Photoshop Training, see our Adobe Photopshop CS5 Online Course or our Adobe Photoshop CS4 Online Course.



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