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How to Use Summary Tasks in Microsoft Project


When we create a project plan, summary tasks are like the main points in a term paper outline. They mark off the highest-level things we need to do in the project. They’re the main stages or phases we look at. So they’re a useful tool for visually organizing the project, in a user-friendly way. The good news is, we don’t have to insert them immediately. We can start by just writing down what we need to do, and clean up later. Here we have a list of tasks for doing some house painting. (Yes, I’ve done this for real. Yes, that’s [...]

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Using Effort Driven in Project


Even though Microsoft Project is fairly easy to use at the basic level--entering tasks and resources, assigning the one to the other, and fine-tuning a schedule--there are a few parts of the program that seem quirky, and can take a little practice to use comfortably. One of these is the checkmark in the Task Information dialog box called "Effort driven". The name is fairly self-explanatory, in that a task's duration (the thing we normally concern ourselves with) can be affected by how much effort we want to put into the task, in the form of resources. Specifically, how *many* resources. There [...]

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