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Typography: Part 2

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In Part 1 we began with a simple classification of the different typefaces used today. We kept things simple and broke them down into 5 different groups; serif, sans-serif, monospace, handwritten, and decorative.

In Part 2 we will take a simple look at some of the basic character components. This is not an extensive listing of all the possible bits and pieces that make up a font, but rather a basic sampling of some more common terms associated with typefaces.

There are well over 100 components that can make up a character set. Several of the ones listed might even be referred to using a different term. A tiddle is also a dot, the mean line can also be called the midline. In the example below the letter g is used to demonstrate 2 components, but is made up of at least 5 including; ear, bowl, counter, link, loop, and descender.

So, while you are reading this, understand that hundreds of designers over many centuries are responsible for making your life easier, and more entertaining all due to the simple little font.