Javascript Training

Vue.js Training

In this Vue.js Training Course, students will learn how to get started with Vue.js - an open source JavaScript library for building modern, interactive web applications. Its component-based approach, intuitive API, blazingly fast core, and compact size make Vue.js a great solution to craft front-end applications. This course provides students with practical solutions to common problems when building an application using Vue. Students will start by exploring the fundamentals of Vue.js: its reactivity system, data-binding syntax, and component-based architecture through practical, hands-on examples. Students will also delve into integrating Webpack to enhance the development workflow using single file components. Finally, students will learn about Vuex for state management and Vue Router to route in single-page applications.More Details

Angular Training

In this hands-on Angular Training course, students will obtain the foundation to get up and running with the latest version of Angular. Students will begin by creating their first apps, using the built-in components of Angular and then begin creating their own components.More Details

HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript Training

In this HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript Training course, students will quickly get up to speed on the latest standards for developing web applications for both browsers and touch-enabled devices. This course provides a quick introduction to the basics of HTML and then dives deep into new HTML5 tags and attributes. From there, students will learn the latest in CSS3 techniques to create unique and compelling interfaces for their web pages and applications. The course concludes by introducing JavaScript and showing students how to use it for client-side operations, storing data and manipulating graphics. The course also introduces debugging your web pages and applications and deploying them to various end-points. More Details

MOC 20480B Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

This course provides an introduction to HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This course helps students gain basic HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript programming skills using Visual Studio 2012, running on Windows 8. The course focuses on using HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript to implement programming logic, define and use variables, perform looping and branching, develop user interfaces, capture and validate user input, store data, and create well-structured application.More Details

Advanced JavaScript Training

In this Advanced Javascript Training course students learn how to use Regular Expressions for advanced form validation, how to use the HTML DOM to create dynamic menus and how to manipulate CSS with JavaScript.More Details

JavaScript Training

In this Javascript Training course students learn how to write JavaScript code and use it in Web pages, use JavaScript to interact with HTML forms, grasp the fundamentals of JavaScript data types, such as Strings, Integers, and Booleans, and model data using an object-based approach.More Details