How To Take This Class

Course Overview

In this Adobe Muse Training course, students will learn Muse from the ground up and create websites using the latest web standards without writing code. With Muse, you can quickly and easily design and create user-friendly, interactive websites, without the help of a developer. You just design your site in Muse using design-savvy graphic tools that leverage the same skills as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. Then, after creating your site in Muse, you can take your site live using Adobe hosting or export to a provider of your choice, publishing your site as original HTML pages that conform to the latest web standards. This course shows students how to plan projects using site maps and master pages; design pages and add interactivity though buttons, links, and widgets; access 500 Typekit web fonts included with a subscription to Muse; and publish a website via Business Catalyst or standard web hosting.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have working knowledge of their computer and its operating system. Students should also be sure that they know how to use the mouse and standard menus and commands, and also how to open, save, and close files.

Course Audience

This course is designed for graphic designers, business owners, or anyone who wants to design and create professional, original websites without ever touching code.

What You'll Learn

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Create a new site in Adobe Muse
  • Create and edit a site map
  • Create and apply a Master Page
  • Format text and create Type Styles
  • Work with shapes and color
  • Work with images in a site
  • Use links, anchors and buttons in a site
  • Apply rounded corners, effects and opacity on elements
  • Use widgets in a site
  • Publish and export your site

Course Duration

2 Days

Certification Exam

This course utilizes the Adobe Muse Classroom in a Book from the Adobe Creative Team. This book is a recommended tool to help prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam (ACE). You can learn more about the certification process by viewing the Adobe Muse Certification Exam Guide.

Course Outline

  1. An Introduction to Adobe Muse<
    • A typical Muse web workflow
    • Touring the workspace
    • Understanding modes
  2. Creating Your Site
    • Creating a new site
    • Editing your site map
  3. Working with Master Pages
    • Web design vs. print design
    • Building a master page
    • Creating a new master page
    • Applying master pages
    • Testing your pages
  4. Adding and Styling Text
    • Setting up layers
    • Adding text
    • Formatting text
    • Creating Type Styles
  5. Working with Shapes, Color, and Images
    • Working with shapes
    • Working with color
    • Web image basics
    • Importing images
    • Transforming images
    • Understanding the Assets panel
    • Editing image properties
  6. Working with Links and Buttons
    • Working with links
    • Working with buttons
    • Working with anchors
    • Pinning content
  7. Working with Widgets
    • About widgets
    • Understanding Button widgets
    • Inserting a Composition widget
    • Adding a form
    • Adding a navigation menu
    • Adding an Accordion Panel widget
    • Working with slideshows
    • Working with Social widgets
  8. Applying Effects and Graphic Styles
    • Working with rounded corners, effects, and opacity
    • Working with scroll effects
    • Working with graphic styles
  9. Inserting HTML and Working with the Library Panel
    • Embedding HTML
    • The Library panel
  10. Designing for Mobile Devices
    • Working with alternate layouts
  11. Publishing and Exporting Your Site
    • Understanding Adobe Muse publishing
    • Publishing your site
    • Uploading your site to a third-party host
    • Exporting your site as HTML
    • In-Browser Editing

What Students Receive

Each student will receive:
  • An eBook copy of Adobe Muse CC Classroom in a Book for use during and after class, with hands-on Adobe Muse CC labs and exercises.
  • A PC headset for communicating with your instructor and fellow students during your Adobe Muse CC Class
  • A course completion certificate upon successful completion of your course
  • Six months of post-class email support from an Adobe Muse CC Instructor