AJAX Training

Core Ajax Fundamentals Training

In this Core Ajax Fundamentals Training course, students will walk through the different technologies that are the foundation for Ajax. Once the foundations of Ajax have been established, the course looks at the fundamental aspects of Ajax in terms of web applications, security, tools, and frameworks. The transport and processing of data is a significant part of the Ajax picture. The course presents the various options for data interchange and processing.More Details

AJAX Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Training

In this AJAX Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Training course students learn about the benefits of the ASP.NET AJAX framework, use the ScriptManager and ScriptManagerProxy controls, create partial page updates with the UpdatePanel, use an Object-Oriented approach to programming JavaScript, and to create an entire real world AJAX application from scratch.More Details

AJAX 4 and jQuery Training

In this AJAX 4 and jQuery Training course students learn how to use AJAX 4 and jQuery to create rich, responsive ASP.NET applications using Visual Studio.More Details