How To Take This Class

Course Overview

In this hands-on Adobe Animate CC Training course, students will learn the key techniques for working in Animate. Adobe Animate CC provides more expressive tools, powerful controls for animation, and robust support for playback across a wide variety of platforms. Students will learn how to use and create vector-based brushes for painterly effects. They'll also see how to gain more advanced control over complex animations with the new Camera tool, and learn to focus the action on different parts of the Stage. Finally, students will learn about support for SVG, WebGL, HTML5 animation and video, and seamless collaboration with other designers and with other Adobe applications through Creative Cloud libraries - which make Adobe Animate the ideal development environment for creative animation and multimedia.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have a working knowledge of their computer and operating system. They should know how to use the mouse and standard menus and commands, and also how to open, save, and close files.

Course Audience

This course is designed for students who are new to Adobe Animate CC or may be moving from and older technology, such as Flash, and want to learn how to create HTML5 compliant animations and effects.

What You'll Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, student will be able to:
  • Use the new Camera tool that to frame the action with camera moves such as zooming and panning
  • Use the expanded Paintbrush tool featuring flexible controls and customizations of Art and Pattern brushes for vector-based painterly effects
  • Integrate Typekit and Google Web fonts in HTML5 Canvas projects
  • Utilize HTML5 video in a project
  • Use the Framepicker for graphic symbols to provide better controls for character lip syncing
  • Use tagged swatches that allow quick and easy editing of colors
  • Collaborate with other designers and with other Adobe applications through Creative Cloud libraries

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Outline

  1. Getting Acquainted
    • Starting Adobe Animate CC and Opening a File
    • Understanding Document Types
    • Getting to Know the Workspace
    • Working with the Library Panel
    • Understanding the Timeline
    • Organizing Layers in a Timeline
    • Using the Properties Panel
    • Using the Tools Panel
    • Undoing Steps in Animate
    • Previewing Your Movie
    • Modifying the Content and Stage
    • Saving Your Movie
  2. Creating Graphics and Text
    • Understanding Strokes and Fills
    • Creating Shapes
    • Making Selections
    • Editing Shapes
    • Using Gradient and Bitmap Fills
    • Using Variable-Width Strokes
    • Using Swatches and Tagged Swatches
    • Creating Curves
    • Using Transparency to Create Depth
    • Being Expressive with the Paint Brush
    • Creating and Editing Text
    • Aligning and Distributing Objects
    • Converting and Exporting Art
  3. Creating and Editing Symbols
    • Importing Adobe Illustrator Files
    • About Symbols
    • Creating Symbols
    • Importing Adobe Photoshop Files
    • Editing and Managing Symbols
    • Changing the Size and Position of Instances
    • Changing the Color Effect of an Instance
    • Understanding Display Options
    • Applying Filters for Special Effects
    • Positioning in 3D Space
  4. Animating Symbols
    • About Animation
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Animating Position
    • Changing the Pacing and Timing
    • Animating Transparency
    • Animating Filters
    • Animating Transformations
    • Changing the Path of the Motion
    • Swapping Tween Targets
    • Creating Nested Animations
    • Graphic Symbols
    • Easing
    • Frame-by-Frame Animation
    • Animating 3D Motion
    • Animating Camera Moves
    • Testing Your Movie
  5. Advanced Motion Tweening
    • About the Motion Editor
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Adding Motion Tweens
    • Editing Property Curves
    • Viewing Options for the Motion Editor
    • Copying and Pasting Curves
    • Adding Complex Eases
  6. Animating Shapes and Using Masks
    • Animating Shapes
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Creating a Shape Tween
    • Changing the Pace
    • Adding More Shape Tweens
    • Creating a Looping Animation
    • Using Shape Hints
    • Previewing Animations with Onion Skinning
    • Animating Color
    • Creating and Using Masks
    • Animating the Mask and Masked Layers
    • Easing a Shape Tween
  7. Natural and Character Animation
    • Natural Motion and Character Animation with Inverse Kinematics.
    • Creating a Walk Cycle
    • Disabling and Constraining Joints
    • Inverse Kinematics with Shapes
    • Simulating Physics with Springiness
  8. Creating Interactive Navigation
    • About Interactive Movies
    • Creating Buttons
    • Understanding ActionScript 3.0
    • Preparing the Timeline
    • Adding a Stop Action
    • Creating Event Handlers for Buttons
    • Creating Destination Keyframes
    • Creating a Home Button Using Code Snippets
    • Code Snippets Options
    • Playing Animation at the Destination
    • Animated Buttons
  9. Working with Sound and Video
    • Understanding the Project File
    • Using Sounds
    • Understanding Video
    • Using Adobe Media Encoder CC
    • Playback of External Video in Your Project
    • Working with Video and Transparency
    • Embedding Video
  10. Publishing
    • Understanding Publishing
    • Publishing for Flash Player
    • Publishing for HTML5
    • Using Classic Tweens
    • Exporting to HTML5
    • Inserting JavaScript
    • Converting to HTML5 Canvas
    • Publishing a Desktop Application
    • Publishing to Mobile Devices

What Students Receive

Each student will receive:
  • A printed courseware manual with samples and hands-on exercises for use during and after class.
  • A PC or Mac compatible headset for communicating with your instructor and fellow students during your Animate Training Class
  • A course completion certificate upon successful completion of your Animate Training course
  • Six months of post-class live, online chat support from a Animate Instructor