How To Take This Class

Course Overview

Microsoft has provided the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, a set of assemblies based on the .NET Framework 2.0, which makes AJAX style web programming extremely simple. A task that used to take weeks; is now simplified to a drag and drop operation. This AJAX Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Training course quickly dives into the history of AJAX and the simplification of AJAX made possible with the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions. Students will learn how to make partial page updates, work with Web Services in JavaScript, advanced AJAX debugging techniques, and more. This course can be delivered in Visual Basic or Visual C# to accommodate a student's language preferences.

Course Prerequisites

This course assumes students have a basic programming background and basic knowledge of Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and building Web-based applications using Visual Studio 2005.

Course Audience

This course is designed for ASP.NET developers who are interested in implementing AJAX functionality within their websites.

What You'll Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Understand the prerequisites for ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Understand the fundamentals of AJAX, and the benefits of the ASP.NET framework.
  • Use the ScriptManager and the ScriptManagerProxy controls.
  • Automatically serve localized resources specific to the browser culture.
  • Understand The asynchronous communication that drives partial page updates.
  • Create partial page updates with the UpdatePanel.
  • Use over 30 control extenders written specifically for ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Create your own extender controls for code reuse.
  • Create an entire real world AJAX application from scratch.
  • Implement life changing JavaScript debugging techniques that will change the way you forever develop web applications.
  • Understand the difference between Server Side and Client side debugging.
  • Understand the difference and benefits of Release vs. Debug scripts.
  • Use an Object-Oriented approach to programming JavaScript.
  • Embed your JavaScript files as embedded resources to a .NET assembly.
  • Deploy an ASP.NET AJAX application.

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Outline

  1. AJAX Fundamentals
    • The Basis of AJAX
    • Introducing DHTML
    • Introducing ISON
    • JavaScript Objects
    • Prototypes and Enclosures
    • Microsoft AJAX Benefits
  2. The ScriptManager
    • Introducing the ScriptManager
    • Serving Localized Content
    • Using Web Services with ServiceReference
    • Introducing the ScriptManagerProxy
    • ScriptManager in Debug Mode
    • Executing Timed Events
  3. The UpdatePanel
    • Introducing the UpdatePanel
    • Client-Side Events for the UpdatePanel
    • Visual Feedback with the UpdateProgress
  4. Using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
    • AJAX Control Toolkit Community
    • Consuming Toolkit Extenders
    • Other Toolkit Controls
    • ToolkitScriptManager Control
  5. Debugging ASP.NET AJAX Applications
    • Debug JavaScript in Internet Explorer and Visual Studio
    • General Visual Studio Debugging
    • Enable and Use the Visual Studio Script Explorer
    • Visualize Requests and Responses by Using Fiddler
    • Visualize Requests and Responses by Using Web Development Helper
  6. The AJAX Client Library
    • Introducing Microsoft AJAX JavaScript Shortcuts
    • Examining Microsoft AJAX JavaScript Exentsions
    • Exploring the Sys Namespace in Microsoft AJAX
    • Object-Oriented JavaScript Using Microsoft AJAX
  7. Deploying ASP.NET AJAX Applications
    • Deploying Web Sites
    • Merging Microsoft AJAX with an Existing ASP.NET 2.0 Application
    • Assembly Dependencies
    • Deploying Data to a Third-Party Hosting Company
    • Prepping a Database for ASP.NET Services
  8. Developing Web Apps with AJAX
    • Setting Up a New Web Application Project
    • Creating a SQL Server Express Database
    • Using Table Adapters to Create, Update, and Delete Data
    • Using Page Methods to Access Data/Text Results