How To Take This Class

Course Overview

In this Articulate Storyline Advanced Training course, students will learn how to create custom themes and templates in Storyline and learn how to utilize custom navigation in their Storyline projects. Students will also learn how to incorporate gamification in their Storyline projects and will see how to create and use video controls, custom slides, random quizzes, and how to incorporate JavaScript. Finally students will see how to add accessibility and reporting to a Learning Management System tool. This class is designed for versions 3 or 360. Previous versions of Storyline are not covered in this course.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have already completed, or be familiar with the topics included in, the Articulate Storyline Training course.

Course Audience

This course is intended for experienced Articulate Storyline users who want to extend their skills and create more complex Storyline projects. This class is designed for versions 3 or 360. Previous versions of Storyline are not covered in this course.

What You'll Learn

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Create and use Themes and Templates
  • Create and use Motion Paths and Triggers
  • Incorporate games in their Storyline project
  • Work with Cue Points and Sliders
  • Create random quizzes with Question Banks
  • Use Javascript to extend a Storyline project
  • Use Closed Captions and other Accessibility settings

Course Duration

2 Days

Course Outline

  1. Themes & Templates
    • Create a Theme
    • Format a Master Slide
    • Create Layouts
    • Save a Theme
    • Load a Theme
    • Add Slide Navigation to the Slide Master
    • Create Variables
    • Add Triggers for a Progress Indicator
    • Create and Use a Template
  2. Custom Navigation
    • Create a Motion Path
    • Change Motion Path Options
    • Change the Duration of a Motion Path
    • Add a Second Motion Path to an Object
    • Delete Specific Triggers
    • Edit “When” a Trigger Occurs
    • Add Triggers that Reset Motion Paths
    • Copy and Edit a Trigger
    • Add Triggers that Disable States
    • Add Triggers that Enable States
    • Add a Trigger to Show a Layer
  3. Gamification
    • Start and Stop Media
    • Change the Hover State
    • Make a Trigger Conditional
    • Show Layers Conditionally
    • Hide Objects Using States
    • Adjust a Variable
    • Change a State Based on When
    • Calculate a Score
    • Adjust Variables Dynamically
  4. Video Control and Sliders
    • Work with Web Objects
    • Edit Video Parameters
    • Add Cue Points to the Timeline
    • Add Triggers Based on Cue Points
    • Change a Character’s State Based on Time
    • Insert and Format a Slider
    • Set Slider Values
    • Add Triggers to a Slider
  5. Advanced Quizzing
    • Question Properties
    • Modify Drag and Drop Questions
    • Add an Image as Question Feedback
    • Remediation
    • Set Remediation
    • Importing Question Data
    • Import Questions from a File
    • Random Quizzes
    • Create a Random Quiz
    • Quiz Result Redirection
    • Redirect a Quiz
  6. Extending Storyline
    • Execute a Print JavaScript
    • Save Variables To a Text File with JavaScript
  7. Accessibility and Reporting
    • Make an Image Accessible
    • Control Accessibility Visibility
    • Edit the Tab Order
    • Add a Keyboard Shortcut to a Button
    • Add Closed Captions
    • Upload a Project to an LMS

What Students Receive

Each student will receive:
  • A printed courseware manual for use during and after class, with hands-on Articulate Storyline labs and exercises.
  • A PC headset for communicating with your instructor and fellow students during your Storyline Training Class
  • A course completion certificate upon successful completion of your Storyline Training course
  • Six months of post-class email support from a Storyline Instructor