Google AdWords Training

How To Take This Class

Live Instructor-Led Online Class

Cost: $395.00

  • Open enrollment class for individuals
  • Live class with an instructor
  • Free class retakes forever!
  • Six months of instructor email support
  • Hands-on exercises and student labs
  • Classes never cancelled due to low enrollment
  • Money-back guarantee

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Onsite or Offsite Group Training

Cost: Based on number of students

  • For groups as small as 3 people
  • Class Held at our location or yours
  • Hands-on exercises and student labs
  • Customization at no extra charge
  • Six months of instructor email support
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Money-back guarantee
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Course Duration

1 Day

Course Description

In this Google AdWords Training course, students will create a Google AdWords account, create an AdWords campaign, create text ads, research and optimize keywords, refine text ad copy, manage an AdWords campaign through analysis, analyze and optimize bidding and budget, and generate both performance and financial reports. Before students can perform these tasks, they will be introduced to how search engine marketing (SEM) works in general and the specific capabilities and features of Google AdWords.

Course Objectives

After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Create and navigate a Google AdWords account
  • Create and manage ad campaigns
  • Work with keywords
  • Write ads for Google AdWords
  • Manage bidding and budgets
  • Launch and manage ads
  • Create financial and performance reports

Course Audience

This Google AdWords Training course is designed for marketing professionals who have basic end-user computing skills who will create and manage ads and campaigns with Google AdWords.

Course Prerequisites

Students should know how to use a web browser and productivity software (Microsoft® Office or Google Docs™).

Course Syllabus

  1. Creating and Navigating a Google AdWords Account
    • Create and Navigate the Google AdWords Account
    • Configure Account Notifications
  2. Creating Ad Campaigns
    • Overview of AdWords Campaigns
    • Create Campaigns and Configure Campaign Settings
    • Configure Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords
  3. Researching, Refining, and Editing Keywords
    • Overview of Keywords in AdWords
    • Research Keywords with the Google Keyword Tool
    • Research Keywords Online
    • Edit and Configure Ad Groups and Keywords
  4. Writing Ads in Google AdWords
    • Review Google Ad and Content Policies
    • Write High-Quality AdWords Ads
  5. Analyzing Campaign Performance
    • Review Your Campaign and Adjust Settings
    • Analyze and Optimize Ads and Keywords
  6. Managing Bidding and Budgets
    • Set and Manage Bids
    • Set and Manage Budgets
  7. Creating Performance and Financial Reports
    • Create Performance Reports
    • Create Billing Reports
  8. Appendix A: Google Certified Professional Exam Mappings