Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training

How To Take This Class

Live Instructor-Led Online Class

Cost: $185.00

  • Open enrollment class for individuals
  • Live class with an instructor
  • Free class retakes forever!
  • Six months of instructor email support
  • Hands-on exercises and student labs
  • Classes never cancelled due to low enrollment
  • Money-back guarantee

Onsite or Offsite Group Training

Cost: Based on number of students

  • For groups as small as 3 people
  • Class Held at our location or yours
  • Hands-on exercises and student labs
  • Customization at no extra charge
  • Six months of instructor email support
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • Money-back guarantee
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Course Duration

.5 Day

What Students Receive

Each student will receive:
  • A printed courseware manual for use during and after class.
  • Access to an electronic version of the courseware manual for reference after class (available for 12 months after class)
  • 24/7 access via on-demand chat to a Microsoft Excel Instructor (available for six months after class)
  • Access to an online skills assessment to test your knowledge
  • A PC headset for communicating with your instructor and fellow students during your Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training Class
  • A course completion certificate upon successful completion of your Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training course

Course Description

In this Microsoft Excel 2013 Pivot Table Training course, students will learn how to prepare data for use in a Pivot Table, create a Pivot Table from one or more data sources, summarize Pivot Table data, filter Pivot Tables and create and format Pivot Charts.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this class, students will be able to:
  • Prepare data for PivotTable reporting and create PivotTables from various data sources.
  • Analyze Data Using PivotTables.
  • Work with PivotCharts.

Course Audience

This course is intended for experienced Excel users who want to further their ability to analyze data using Pivot Tables.

Course Prerequisites

Students should have previous experience using Microsoft Excel to create basic to moderately complex spreadsheets.

Course Syllabus

  1. Preparing Data and Creating PivotTables
    • Prepare Data
    • Create a PivotTable from a Local Data Source
    • Create a PivotTable from Multiple Local Data Sources
    • Create a PivotTable from an External Data Source
  2. Analyzing Data Using PivotTables
    • Summarize PivotTable Data
    • Organize PivotTable Data
    • Filter PivotTable Data
    • Format a PivotTable
    • Refresh and Change PivotTable Data
  3. Working with PivotCharts
    • Create a PivotChart
    • Manipulate PivotChart Data
    • Format a PivotChart