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Install Xcelsius with Office 2010


Xcelsius (now renamed SAP Crystal Presentation Design) is supported for use with Microsoft Office 2007.  Many users though, not knowing this, try installing Xcelsius on a machine that has Microsoft Office 2010 installed and are presented with an error message stating something like “Microsoft Office XP and later applications: Excel, Word, Outlook or PowerPoint must be pre-installed.” […]

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Download Free Copy of SAP Crystal Presentation Design (formerly Xcelsius Present)


Until December 31, 2010, you can download a fully licensed version of SAP Crystal Presentation Design (formerly known as Xcelsius Present) for FREE! This is value of $195.00! With SAP Crystal Presentation Design you can quickly and easily create dashboards, graphs and interactive gauges from data in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. The tool requires no programming knowledge: simply point and click to create your interactive dashboards and then share your results with other people in your organization. Your intended audience doesn’t even need to have SAP Crystal Presentation Design installed to take full advantage of all of the dashboard features – [...]

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Xcelsius Dashboards


Xcelsius is a software package made by BusinessObjects (now part of SAP and renamed SAP Crystal Dashboard Design) that enables you to quickly and (fairly!) easily create visualizations of your data. Going way beyond the standard bar graph or pie chart, you can create interactive data visualizations using charts, graphs, gauges and more. To get a good idea of just how complex a dashboard you can build, check out the U.S Government Recovery Act website which tracks recovery spending using a dashboard. Click on a state, zoom in to a particular county or search by a recipient name and watch as [...]

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